• Sapientia
    A conditional claim such as "If A then B" has a premiss, which is that A implies B. If A is true (this would be a separate premiss), we could conclude that B is true. You can only conclude B once you have the additional premiss that A is true but the sentence "if A then B" does not state A is true and therefore no conclusion can be made from it.

    p1. If A then B
    p2. A
    C. therefore B

    Yeah, I completely agree. It was poor wording on my part. I was trying to get across that it is saying that A implies B, but I shouldn't have been referring to B as the conclusion. It is saying that the antecedent implies the consequent.
  • m-theory
    The reason you are an asshole if you are from america is because you are better than the rest of the world, and that makes you come off as an asshole.
  • Sapientia

    Even if true, you only got there because of Great Britain, and our great empire, which I do believe remains to be the largest empire there has ever been.
  • Benkei
    The reason you are an asshole if you are from america is because you are better than the rest of the world, and that makes you come off as an asshole.m-theory

    Yeah, Chileans and US citizens both really come off as complete assholes...
  • Wosret
    See, a conditional statement is hypothesis conclusion, and the only sense in which they are subject to necessity and contradiction is through negation. All forms of conditional statement in a truth table are true except for one, which is false. The form where the hypothesis is true but the conclusion is false. This is because the form "if a then b" doesn't of course work in reverse. But if b but not a then it still might be true. If neither a nor b, then it still might be true. If a and b, then it seems the most true, but it still just might be true. All that is established is correlation, or co-incidence at best. Think Hume, causes aren't observed, and induction is strictly speaking, always logically invalid. Or all contingent arguments, as they don't rely on necessity or contradiction. The best course is clearly falsificationism, because it is the only one that leads to a necessity through negation. If the conclusion is false but the hypothesis true, so that the correlation is not established in the suggested order. In all other cases, it might be true.
  • Mongrel
    In my mind I'm gone to Patagonia.
  • m-theory
    What is Patagonia?
  • jamalrob
    It's a mental state.
  • Benkei
    It's a mental state.jamalrob

    Where you plateau out.
  • jamalrob
    And when you feel you've gone as far as you can go.
  • unenlightened
    Patagonia? Is that where pataphysics leads to?

    Here is a patalogical syllogism for the all patagonegirls.

    P1. For all X, if X is a man, X is mortal.
    P2. For all X if X is Socrates, X is a man.
    C1. For all X if X is Socrates, X is mortal.

    Which begs the question as to whether Socrates is an exist, an ifist, or a Patagonian.
  • Sapientia
    And when you learned that the man was dead you immediately queried yourself on how he could have been dead when everybody could see him and how all the interactions you thought he had with people could have happeded and how all the conversations he had with his wife could be explained.Lower Case NUMBERS

    Happeded. >:O

    That's my new favourite word. This might just be the happededess day of my life.

    Also, what is the difference, if any, between a mouse and a gorilla?

    Is suffering all there is? No. Obviously not.
  • Agustino
    And again: earlier replyBenkei
    Your earlier reply proves exactly what I have said. (1) is a general level statement, and (2) is a more specific instance of (1). (2) is included in (1), and amounts of begging the question.
  • ArguingWAristotleTiff
    The day has arrived, actually it probably happened years ago but I am just now accepting it, but my children have both exceeded my book knowledge of the world. Experience? Nah, I still have them beat but the things my 17 yr old indian talks so easily about are things I have never heard of and some I cannot even wrap my mind around.
    What happens next? :D
  • ArguingWAristotleTiff
    Here is a prime example of what he talks about that my mind melts on the 'how' :
    4D Printing
    He wants to do this now!!! I am doing back flips and he looks at me out of the corner of his eye and asks, did I not know about this?
    Serious or smart ass?
  • Sapientia
    Did the film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel definitively resolve the the question of how the human mind and body can causally interact?
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