• Baden

    Interesting article. Thanks.
  • raza
    It's telling here that your go-to analogy for undocumented immigration is rape.Maw

    It is nothing more than your belief system.

    I can't, and won't bother to try to, dissuade a christian from being a christian and I am equally disinterested in attempting to dissuade you from your belief system.
  • raza
    You are making your racism very clear.Jeremiah

    Same reply for you;

    It is nothing more than your belief system.

    I can't, and won't bother to try to, dissuade a christian from being a christian and I am equally disinterested in attempting to dissuade you from your belief system
  • raza
    DNA comparison is extremely easy and quick to verify.Maw

    For all I know they could be conducting such tests.

    Regardless, vetting these people separately from the children they happen to be caught with has been going on for years.
  • Jeremiah
    What is my belief system?
  • wellwisher
    You are are giant hypocrite.

    You claim your subjective morally is based on being a team player, but yet exclude Dems and the LGBT community from your team. That is not being a team, all you are doing is egotistically judging people who don't fit into you narrow and very subjective views. The only team you are playing for is your own, and the notion that Trump is trying to help everyone shows a great lack of insight.

    Democrats are not your enemy. You claim to be a team player but have these senseless subjective divisions. It is completely backwards.

    as you have indicated.
    — wellwisher

    Your own warped views are just that yours. Personally, I think your views are disgusting and you are clearly a judgmental homophobe.

    A team player does not bring their personal business to the game. They do not gossip and try to divide the team. Identity politics divides the team. If two strangers met at a party and kept to neutral topics they may get along. If they bring up politics, such as pro and anti Trump, they may start to argue and lose their rapport. The left tries to induce and inject differences that divide people. They do not seek common culture.

    Diversity creates team problems based on induced ignorance. If a group separates itself from the main herd, to be more distinct, members of the larger herd lose touch with them, and no longer know them as well as before. Strangers will induce a different emotion than will family. Diversity may build the self esteem of some via the smaller group, but this also makes walls with the larger team.

    It would take all my time to learn the ways of every diversity group, such as 36 different sexes, to where I am sufficiently familiar with all, to overcome my ignorance and my fear of the unknown. The team player understands these walls is not very efficient, He does not separate himself by a wall, thereby saving others a lot of extra work and/or misunderstanding. If we all are on one team without walls we are family and not just neighbors.

    The Jews, for example, based on their religion, are the chosen people. As such, they need to follow a certain strict path to satisfy the pact. This path will separate them from others. This builds a wall between them and others, where one is not allowed to fully exit or enter, unless you know the secret handshake.

    This creates a wall of unknown, which can impact different people, in different ways, on both sides of the wall. It makes people in the opposites side feel like strangers or acquaintances instead of family; Arab world. Diversity builds walls of misunderstanding, that causes strangers to appear from family, so we are not all on one team. If the LBGT community stopped being its own separate island, with its in your face exhibition style, that is shocking to some, this would lower the wall of the unknowns. It come down to being an individual apart from smaller groups so there are less walls to separate us.

    I am not pro-wall of diversity, because it is too much work for me to overcome all the walls others place to keep me out. I try to knock down the walls, so we can see each other. But many people have been conditioned to needs these walls, due to induced fears caused by the left for political gain.
  • ArguingWAristotleTiff
    As we run out of facilities to house families that are being kept together while waiting to see a judge about their case, we are now prepping three Military bases to accommodate the illegal immigrants being caught under the Zero Tolerance policy.

    Whom is the moral authority that we should be consulting on this accommodation? :chin:
  • raza
    The belief system that says opposition to what corporate media pumps out on behalf of government Corp must inherently be racist/fascist/xenophobe etc, etc.

    Adolescent, boring goon-speak, essentially.
  • raza
    If the LBGT community stopped being its own separate islandwellwisher

    Although there is no “LGBT community”, A handful of loud activists who claim to speak, without being voted to do so via some democratic selection process by a nation or world of gay people etc, are not of a so-called whole community.
  • Jeremiah
    I think you are debating your imagination more so than the other people in this thread.

    I said you are racist due to your racist comments.
  • raza
    Although I haven’t made any. This is what I mean by your belief system.

    I’ve answered your questions on this now.
  • Maw
    I can't, and won't bother to try to, dissuade a christian from being a christian and I am equally disinterested in attempting to dissuade you from your belief system.raza

    In order to dissuade someone, you first have to defend your arguments and show why ours are poorly reasoned. You haven't done either.

    I'd wager that you would never consider Norwegian, or French, British immigrants to be analogous to "rapists". Jeremiah is right, you're just a racist.
  • raza
    Believe whatever suits your arrested state of consciousness. What real choice do you have? You don’t choose. Choosing takes ability.

    Just be that.
  • raza
    Have any of you ever dissuaded a Christian into no longer being a Christian?

    Why bother?
  • Jeremiah

    The first step is admitting you have a problem.
  • Jeremiah

    Wow, that is a big bucket of crazy.

    I want to make this very clear, I do not consider you my intellectual equal and I do not care about your backwards take on "morality. Diversity makes us stronger and what you are aruging for is mobocracy.
  • unenlightened
    I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper!...... I fart in your general direction! . Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
  • ssu
    Ah, the Pro-Trump people here remind me of times of the first Dubya administration, the time of the Iraqi invasion and "Freedom Fries".

    Similarly were then the same kind of people feeling the urge to defend US failing policy, then the decision to go to war and reurgitating the talking points of the jingoistic media (at that time). They had the need to rally behind their president and his ruinous decisions (just as now with Trump). The President simply could not make any bad decisions, and it was their responsibility to defend their president even on the earlier forum (old PF).

    At least it's soothing to know that the Trump lovers will dissappear in the long run just like those Dubya lovers. Say the time when the next Right Wing Messiah comes, who with hindsight can tell the obvious truth about Trump's administration.
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