• Convince the bomb not to explode.

    I hope I dream about the bomb tonight. It was at least a good bomb.
  • Convince the bomb not to explode.

    The bomb was just doing its job!
  • Convince the bomb not to explode.

    Yes, but the bomb would tell you that's just absurd. It can count to 3, therefore it can count to 4.
  • Convince the bomb not to explode.
    I just can't help but feel sorry for the bomb. It's so cruel that it's only purpose was to explode.

    Wittgenstein would say that the language game has been taken too far at the expense of the poor bomb.
  • I fell in love with my neighbors wife.

    The hand never fails! :’(

    But, I've decided that it's enough of that. No more. Complete mastery over one-self is the goal now.
  • I fell in love with my neighbors wife.
    It sort of seems that the allure of it to you is that it appeals to your general laziness, as in you can sort of lay there and let someone else do the work.Hanover

    I don't know where you're getting the idea of me being so lazy. Is this some way of you telling me that I ought be more lustful for money, status, power, and prestige? I laugh.

    The way you succeed on the various online services is much the same way you succeed anywhere. You need to be engaging and nice, and maybe even funny. Maybe you have that in you, maybe you don't. What I do note is that you are able to gain considerable attention here by coming up with rather absurd problems, all of which center around your refusal to take charge and make things happen yourself. It's not that you just won't take charge due to timidness, but it seems you take great pride in doing nothing.Hanover

    I've decided to resign again over finding a girlfriend and all the jazz. I already went over this with my thread about "What's all the fuss over sex in the west?". I would have to say that my primary motivation for wanting to have a relationship, as pathetic as this sounds, is to have sex. If I can recognize that, and know that, then I will deny it and suffer more over not satisfying that desire.

    Here's what I think you really ought to do, and this I really mean. Stop selling yourself short. You're a smart guy who wants to be cared about and loved, much like everyone else.Hanover

    Nah, I think it's all about sex. I've taken care of myself for a long time on my own and think I will continue that way. By which I mean, not indulging in pornography, which is like only scratching a terrible itch.

    I only wish I could chemically castrate myself and be done with it.

    Your many self-destructive philosophies notwithstanding, you know at some level that having a girl who shares your interests and who cares about you is all you really want.Hanover

    Those women are like needles in a haystack. And, I have resigned already.

    I've never been into S&M because it seems very unRepublican and nonsuburban.Hanover

    This is where I will have to say thank you and be on my way. As I see it this forum (and your responses to me) have been a sort of "come to our side (Republican) we have nice cookies". If politics is your thing then so be it, I don't care much for that since I'm pretty much conservative and pragmatic.
  • I fell in love with my neighbors wife.
    I'm not sure about the BDSM stuff.

    I tried Christian Mingle for a while and most girls were looking for Jesus there. I tried okcupid, and well that was a vanity fair. I might give some BDSM a try. Any tips on what to say or not to say? How should I promote myself and such?
  • The Shoutbox

    I actually grew up in the town where the inventor invented it. I heard it's an easy one to pick up.
  • I fell in love with my neighbors wife.

    I have no ego, or a little one so it's rather easy to identify with me.

    If you want to continue the conversation I can PM you as to the what and not the that.
  • I fell in love with my neighbors wife.

    Sorry, @bert1 really threw me off there. I wonder what made him say that.
  • I fell in love with my neighbors wife.

    You weren't serious about that last post were you? I mean, that's a hideous thing to say to get me riled up over some stupid emotions about a rather old lady with issues with drugs, alcohol, and sex.

    Like you're literally telling me to go down to the dirt and mud, wallow in it, and then emerge a new man?

    What would Marcus Aurelius say?
  • I fell in love with my neighbors wife.

    You people.

    I am a happy person. At the very most I'd just have a phone conversation with her or send e-mails.

    Some of you scare me and wonder what philosophy has taught you.
  • I fell in love with my neighbors wife.

    Oh, please. Stop it. Haven't you read anything I have said? She is married and has four kids.

    You think I'd stoop that low? Her kids would hate me and her youngest one would be devastated. He idolizes me. I don' think this is a good idea for spiritual development and advancement.
  • Has Wittgenstein changed your life?
    I am just certain that it is so; there is no justification.Banno

    So, who ought have the final word on the matter? The lawyers, judge, or jury?
  • Has Wittgenstein changed your life?

    Evaluating the validity of ethical propositions of course comparatively to the sum total of people in the state of affairs of the world.
  • Has Wittgenstein changed your life?
    We can write about it. But what is important is that we act.Banno

    But, Wittgenstein!

    He said we must be silent about such things.
  • Has Wittgenstein changed your life?
    So, we know about what is ethical to do, because we do it in ethical acts.

    Can thus we write about what is ethical?
  • Has Wittgenstein changed your life?
    I don't see that ethical statements must be justified in any distinct from other statements. They are just statements.Banno

    So, can any knowledge about ethics can be derived from ethical acts?

    There are justified true beliefs after all.
  • Has Wittgenstein changed your life?

    I don't think that's the issue. Can a an ethical statement be proven to be true an in fact ethical without referencing a normative theory?