• What's the best way to get in touch with a reputable philosopher?

    Thanks for your insights, very helpful.

    Thanks to everyone else for contributing, your help is much appreciated.
  • What are we doing when we kiss our object of desire/affection?
    yea, it sucks man, I don't enjoy thinking about these things, i just can't help it.
  • What are we doing when we kiss our object of desire/affection?
    I wish it were that simple. My username might give you some indication. Long story short, I have depersonalization (DP), what comes with that is Pure O, and the nature of my obsessions revolve around.. well, the nature of everything. First it was nature of reality, then humor, and now it's sexuality. I analyze absolutely everything that has to do with human emotions and interactions to the core, even stuff like giving hi-fives, I'll think about, like what's that about.. you know? So yea, hope that explains more.
  • What are we doing when we kiss our object of desire/affection?
    friend, it has nothing to do with my sexual desires.. if you wish to better understand my intentions, we can discuss privately. This has nothing to do with fetishes or repressed sexual desires. It just so happens that what I'm analyzing at the moment happens to be of sexual/romantic nature.
  • What are we doing when we kiss our object of desire/affection?
    you said: "the 'body kiss' is full of self rather than connection.."

    full of self from who's perspective? The one that is kissing, or the one that is being kissed?
  • What are we doing when we kiss our object of desire/affection?
    Agreed, which is why I'm asking for your insight on the matter in the terms I've presented. Also, I'm mostly talking about subconscious motivations here, not conscious ones.

    I appreciate your response. I'm not concerned with the origins, but more so what the action is all about, again in the terms I presented (meaning is it a more selfless/giving action or selfish/taking action, in the context I provided).

    This is kissing mouth to mouth only, which is not something I have any doubts over. It's clear to me that kissing a sexy/beloved girl on the mouth would be very physically pleasurable to me and hence my motivations for kissing mouth to mouth in most contexts would be more selfish/taking.

    Interesting. Makes sense about the lip to lip pleasure, but whatabout say kissing a girl's neck.. or shoulder or stomach or breasts or ass.. who is receiving more physical pleasure from this action, the guy that is kissing those bodyparts or the girl that is being kissed? ( its probably both, but if you had to pick one, which who would it be?)

    Have I? What are my answers then coz I dont know, lol
  • What are we doing when we kiss our object of desire/affection?
    *sigh* well sir, I can't completely help it to be honest. It's a long story but this is what I do and what I've done for the last 3 years or so.. analyze and create theories from one thing to another. Once I'm fixated on something I can't move on or shake it from my mind until I've resolved it.

    The first thing I ever analyzed was humor. I actually formed the Benign Violation Theory on my own, and then came to realize that it already exists.

    Anyways yea.. I would appreciate your insight on the matter of kissing, in the terms I've presented thus far, if you would be so kind.
  • What are we doing when we kiss our object of desire/affection?

    Haha, wow pretty interesting..

    Give it attention you say.. so would you say kissing is more a selfless/giving type action? (such as say, giving someone a gift, or cooking them a meal, or praising them etc.) as opposed to a more selfish/taking type action such as in the example I gave in the OP where I'm touching my partner's breasts driven by my own physical pleasure?
  • Who is the beneficiary in this scenario?

    First, I'd like to thank every single one of you for your contributions, and apologize for being absent this long. I was abruptly sent offshore, and had no access to internet, but I've finally returned to civilization.

    As cavacava pointed out, I've stipulated a scenario and would like others to answer based on the scenario provided. I'm not debating at all that there is only one beneficiary in the interactions presented. In fact, I believe it is mostly always the case that both parties are beneficiaries albeit in different ways.

    Hanover, no, I'm not trying to decipher personality or value traits based on the answers. I know you said, you can't provide an answer to each scenario based on the example provided, but I invite you try. Go with your guts feeling and Guess if you must. Pretend that you had to. Again, basing your answer on the scenario stipulated. Think about it.

    I said I would reveal more, and while I did not plan to do so immediately, a lot of time has passed already so I will. The goal here for me, is not to try and interpret personality based on your answers. What I'm trying to do is construct a model which explains the action of "kissing". I understand there might be other models out there, but I'm trying to come up with one myself which satisfies me. Your answers will influence my thinking and constructing of this model. You might not see the connection, but I will reveal more about my model in due time.

    Just for your information, you may or may not find this interesting, but I actually came up with the Benign Violation Theory on my own. (Which relates to philosophy of humor; this theory is one of few which explains humor) I have a nag for this.. sometimes I can't help but deconstruct a certain action or reaction or emotion or interaction and create models and theories to explain what's going on, and right now, my object of analysis and deconstruction is "kissing".