• 7 New Earth-like Exoplanets Discovered, NASA announce

    Poor writing, I guess. They should say something like "The conditions on the seven planets are such that liquid water may exist there."
  • I fell in love with my neighbors wife.
    Philosophy, as Marcus Aurelius would say to guide one's steps and path in such a torturous world full of lust, desire, and evil.Question

    There's probably a half-way house between Marcus Aurelius's iron self control and Bitter's permissiveness (if I can call it that - BC has been fairly conservative in his advice actually). That's to say, the likely result of fetishizing self-denial as a means to avoid the evil in oneself is a psychological magnification of this "evil" into an unjustifiable level of threat i.e. you end up in a state of underlying fear that you can never shake. On the other hand, disregarding the potential damage that following your desires can do to your mental and physical health is likely to lead to a degeneration of both. The way out probably is to exhaust most of your energy in worthwhile work and to allow yourself to funnel what's left into the satisfaction of basic desires. In other words, make it so you don't need an iron will to combat your desires because there isn't enough surplus psychic energy for them to redirect in a damaging way.
  • Counterargument against Homosexual as Innate
    One of the major arguments for the acceptance of homosexuality is the fact that a person cannot choose to be homosexuals.NukeyFox

    Choice is really only an issue due to religious objections, which are undermined by the acceptance that people are born that way and that homosexuality is thus a creation of divine will. For those who consider this state a perversion, the involvement of their deity in proliferating it causes a problem. Hence the denial of the natural state and insistence on the primacy of choice.

    For those who are not religious and focus purely on the ethical issue, none of this matters because, as has been pointed out, the question is only whether or not homosexuality causes harm (and here you can focus on actions rather than the state). So, you can render religious objections problematic to the extent that you can demonstrate homosexuality is innate and you can refute ethical objections by showing it causes no harm. In other words, it's important to disentangle the religious from the ethical and the state from the action in order to deal with objections to homosexuality, but once you've done this, it's straightforward enough.
  • Quarterly Fundraiser
    I sent the money from a Swiss bank account. When do I get my moderator status now?! >:)Agustino

    If this is just half a joke and you really sent a donation (from wherever), thanks (I don't know as I don't have direct access to the TPF kitty, i.e. the paypal account set up to pay the bills).
  • Quarterly Fundraiser

    Can we discuss our corrupt arrangements by PM in future? Cheers :-*
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    I can give you points for trying, though.Thorongil

    Those and five bucks will buy me a second-hand copy of Das Kapital. Ah well...
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    Strangely enough, it's 10:37 at night, and I am actually working on preparing a class in between quips here. It's odd I know. Eventually, I hope to advance to the dole though.
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    Funny how the lefties are doing most all the sarcasm/humour here. Step up to the plate, @Thorongil! Jollify us! Show us you're not creepy and humourless!
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    You really have professors like that? Cool. Eurolefties are so much boringer. :(
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    RAAAH!!! Let's break shit!!! Thorongil is nuts!!! Now write a 1500 word essay on postmodern feminist porn.

    That will be all, class.
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    Indeed, it's amazing how many conservatives can be found dancing on the head of a pin.
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    But who are the audience for the multitude of wittily sarcastic conservative comedians then??
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    I identify as a leftistSapientia

    Me too. But Thorongil's absolutely right, we leftists never do humour/sarcasm. [Insert relevant smiley here].
  • Resisting Trump

    Yes, the most powerful country in the world is now being run by a frantic rodent, and there's no point trying to stop him - which was kind of my point.
  • Resisting Trump
    >:O Yes, just like Clinton will win by 4-5% points X-)Agustino

    Yeah, she only won by two (and I got her percentage on the nose, incidentally). Donald got about 2 more than I bargained for (a gift from the FBI), which made the difference. So, I was out by a cumulative two points, which was always going to be either nothing or everything in the end. At least I stuck my neck out and made a specific prediction. Anyway, this is happening before your eyes. If you're incapable of being embarrassed by it, so much the worse for you. Judging by Trump's favourability ratings, most Americans aren't.

    Is there much more you can do with a chimpanzee that's rampaging through your house than throw him some bananas and hope he eventually gets bored? I don't know. What kind of resistance do you suggest?
  • Resisting Trump
    Progressives hardly need resist the Trump clown show. It's doing a better job of destroying itself than any of its opponents could. Sometimes the only way to teach a baby not to eat its own shit is to let it try some and see what it tastes like.
  • Guys and gals, go for it or work away?
    My two cents: It's perfectly legitimate to give blunt advice to someone who starts a discussion based on their personal life. It's up to them to decide whether its helpful or not. What's not warranted is making this about those giving the advice. Posters are going to be themselves and that's they way it should be.

    On the matter at hand, I agree with @The Great Whatever: Don't go into philosophy if you expect it to solve any major life problems for you. And I would think, judging by my limited knowledge of your personality, you wouldn't be self-motivated enough to do what it takes to make it in academia anyway (I know I'm not). If you want to build up your confidence, I'd suggest you try teaching English as a foreign language or something along those lines. Travel. See a bit of the world. At least put yourself outside your comfort zone at some point, or life will inevitably do it for you and probably in a much more unpleasant way than if you had planned it.
  • Currently Reading
    Baden, I used to teach scriptwriting in a department using the McKee model. It's like all good writing structures in my opinion: great to learn as long as you don't finally become a prisoner of itmcdoodle

    Yeah, I found it very interesting looking at movies through his theoretical lens. Also, helped me understand some things about my own writing in general.

    Are you writing scripts yourself?mcdoodle

    Not yet, but thinking about it.
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    Have you been reactivated by someone? >:O You seemed to have vanishedAgustino

    I was down under on a secret mission that involved carousing and being admired by beautiful antipodeans. I am now up over again and ready to read more crappy posts interspersed with occasional gems of wit and insight.

    It's much funnier to call someone a retard than to call him retarded. Everyone knows that. Funnier still is to say "Everything what you say is retarded" because of the word "what" makes you sound like the very retard you're claiming the other guy is.Hanover

    My mental jury is out on this one. I will probably file it under "wit" when I figure out it's not retard.